Naomi’s recovery

I was in sixth year and feeling entirely overwhelmed with anxiety and depression to the point that in was missing a lot of school and not eating very much. My home life was frustrating and I didn’t feel heard and I was in a very abusive relationship. I felt suicidal at some points. It was scary to feel that way day in day out and it felt hopeless. Harming myself felt like the only option at that point.

I felt very alone and didn’t communicate how I was feeling very well but knowing I had a support system and people who would be affected by my suicide was a reason to keep going when nothing else was.

My mother found out about ‘Living Life Counselling’ service from a friend and rang them and made an appointment from which I was allocated a counsellor. My counsellor helped me immensely and I would not be alive if not for him.

For me, weekly counselling was an absolute necessity with my state of mind and this would not have been an option on a private basis. I felt heard and we worked through underlying issues and when my sessions should have ended I was given an extra few weeks. I felt so cared for and if I hadn’t received this treatment I fully believe I would not be alive today.

For the first time I could talk and not feel like I was going to be berated or given out To. I felt listened to and my experiences and feelings were not made to feel weird. I felt like working with this service would allow me to grow past my anxiety and take hold of it, which it did.

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