Rosemount Family Resource Centre

Rosemount Family Resource Centre aims to address inequality, bring people together and reduce isolation. We wish to engage and enable young people and families in our community to become involved actively in their development. We work with vulnerable youth who require additional support (Mental Wellbeing). We provide space for the young people who are experiencing substance abuse and family difficulties. This is done through a safe family environment

Below is a list of the many services we provide:
Online Music classes, Play Therapy, Online Grinds, Befriending Service by telephone, Counselling Services, Parental Supports, Well being for families, Activities pack that include Mindful Art Crossword Sudoku, Recipes and outdoor activities, Food Deliveries for families and vulnerable.

We will listen actively to you and try to understand how you feel and where you are coming from without any judgement.

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Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm

Phone: (01) 216 6131

Email: [email protected]

Address: 3 Waldemar Terrace, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14



Addiction Anger Anxiety Bullying Depression Grief Loneliness Regret Relationships Stress Tired all the time

Age range: All Ages

Avg Wait
Generally we can source what is required and we try to aim to get back as quick as possible

Do I need my parents permission if I'm under 18?: yes

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